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Hush is a new Equihash coin that has low mining difficulty and a high potential for growth in the future.

You’ve probably seen Zclassic rise in value during the end of December. Check out this article to find out more. At the beginning of January the development team has announced

What is Mining?

If you think that mining is only about solving some complicated math problems, then you are wrong. Miners play a guessing game. They are guessing all the time.

How so? Is it possible that all this energy around the world is used for such nonsense?

Yes, it is!

One of…

We are going to build a rig using eight graphics cards, either NVIDIA or AMD. Eight is the perfect number in this case, as Windows works well with 8 GPUs, and motherboard with slots for 8 GPUs don’t cost that much. You can always buy a motherboard with slots for…

But when mining came along, I started using Windows again. Of course, I used Windows 10 for my first rig, as most beginning miners do. I heard about Linux mining platforms too, but I didn’t even consider them — too many issues with hardware and software.

So I set up…


Cryptocurrency Mining Pool

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